Transition Services

  • When students have made consistent, long-term, optimal progress socially, emotionally, and academically at McCarthy Teszler, a team consisting of the teacher, program specialist, school psychologist and RBHS staff, if appropriate, may propose that the student can be better served in a less restrictive setting. Another meeting is held with parents, a representative of the receiving school district and McCarthy Teszler staff to develop an individual plan that will promote a successful transition to the new school.

    The Transition Coordinator meets with staff at the receiving school to assess the setting and determine expectations of students in that setting. She meets with the student a minimum of once a week to provide instruction on specific objectives necessary for success in the receiving school. The coordinator also communicates with parents about progress, concerns, and expectations of the student in the new setting. She and the student visit the school beginning with short visits but gradually extend them to full day visits. She coordinates the IEP meeting and provides assessment and evaluation information as needed for the new school. Once the student has enrolled in the new school, the Transition Coordinator meets with the student at least weekly in the new setting and communicates with staff at the new school and parents about progress. In most cases, this contact continues for a minimum of a year.