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    The Communications Office is responsible for advancing the vision and mission of Spartanburg School District 7 by ensuring effective, timely, and interactive communications with the students, families, staff members, and community interests of the district. Good news happens every day in D7 Schools, whether it is a student winning an award, a classroom receiving support from a community organization, or simply an individual doing exceptional things that deserve recognition.

    We welcome media interest and coverage of our schools, students, teachers and staff. In order to protect the learning environment for all students, all media coverage must be arranged through the Communications Department. We are eager to share our inspirational stories and exciting accomplishments with your readers and viewers, so let us know how we can help.

    Share your good news! 

    The visibility and reputation of our District is fueled by the amazing things our students and staff are doing. Each month we publish a digital newsletter called 7Headlines. We work closely with our local media on a weekly basis and we coordinate the recognition of members of our community during the Good News section of our monthly Board Meetings. If you've got a great story to share - we want to hear about it. 

    Email your good news to us.  

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