Delivering Excellence in District 7: Referendum 2024

  • WATCH: Superintendent Jeff Stevens provides an overview of District 7's capital improvement plan and the 2024 bond referendum in the video below:

Board of Trustees Approves Capital Projects and August 20, 2024 Referendum


    On May 7, 2024, District 7 School Board members unanimously approved an August 20, 2024 bond referendum to fund two construction projects: A new Jesse Boyd Elementary School (to be located at the site of the former McCracken Middle School on Webber Road) and an 11,364 sq. ft. classroom addition to Mary H. Wright Elementary. The timing of the referendum enables both projects to have a targeted opening of August 2027.

    The projects address two strategic priorities identified as critical to enabling District 7 to continue its longstanding tradition of delivering excellence for the Spartanburg community. The first is to fulfill the need for a new Jesse Boyd school facility that was identified nearly two decades ago. The second is to secure District 7’s position as one of South Carolina’s most desirable school district employers – and to combat the increasing teacher shortage at the local, state, and national levels – through innovative ways to recruit and retain high-quality teachers and staff. To accomplish the second strategic priority, District 7 would provide reduced-cost childcare for pre-K aged children of its employees, with site locations at the new Jesse Boyd Elementary and in the addition constructed at Mary H. Wright. The Mary H. Wright addition would also allow expansion of District 7's need-based 3K program for the public.  

    "Today, we stand on a foundation forged by progress, innovation, and momentum – noble pursuits that define the legacy of District 7 and call us to be ever vigilant and forward-thinking. We are entrusted with preserving this foundation to ensure its relevance for future generations. Our duty is clear: to lay new groundwork that inspires and equips current and future students for the limitless horizons of the future," said Superintendent Jeff Stevens.

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