Student Registration

  • Spartanburg High School is the high school designated for Spartanburg School District Seven. If you live in District Seven and would like to enroll your student at Spartanburg High School, please contact the Guidance Secretary at 864-594-4410, ext. 8459 to set up an appointment or speak to a school counselor. 

    The following items are needed to enroll your student:

    • The residence must be verified by one of the following current documents in the name of the parent or legal guardian to the principal or designee
    • Current lease agreement (children’s names should be listed)
    • Deed to property Property tax receipt (in the name of the parent or legal guardian)
    • Affidavit of the adult resident of District Seven with whom the student resides (verification of proof of residence by attendance worker and/or school resource officer) before enrollment.

    And one of the following documents:

    • Current Landline utility such as power bill, water bill, or gas bill

    The following documents are required for enrollment:

    • Birth Certificate
    • South Carolina Immunization Certificate (DHEC-1148)  
    • Social security card (optional)
    • Proof of legal guardianship, if applicable

    The following items are required before enrollment is complete. Spartanburg High School will request the items from the student’s previous school.

    • Transfer form from sending school, including transcript, attendance records, and discipline records
    • ESOL code number
    • Special Education

    Living Outside of D7

    If you do not live in District Seven, but would like for your student to attend Spartanburg High School, please contact the Spartanburg School District Office at 864-594-4400.

    PowerSchool Registration

    Spartanburg School District Seven uses PowerSchool Registration to register students online.  Parents will receive a SnapCode when they come in to register their new students.  If your student attended D7 in the past and was not registered the previous school year, they will register as a Returning Student for the current school year.  Parents will receive a SnapCode at the time of registration.

    All current students and parents for the current school year can click on the link located on the left side of this page to update student information.  You will receive a new SnapCode for each year that your child is enrolled to update student information through this link -