About The Library

  • For access to our catalog, databases, and the most recent Spartanburg High School Library information (nicknamed the Loquacious Library) visit http://loquaciouslibrary.com

    The Spartanburg High School library serves approximately 2000 students in grades 9-12. To provide extended access to our facility and our resources, we open at 7:00 and close at 3:30. Students may come before and after school without a pass or from study hall classes with a pass. We limit the lunch crowd to twenty students, so make sure to pick up a lunch pass from one of the library staff members. Our collection of over 18,000 items includes books, databases, and magazines. Users can find items by using our Destiny catalog. Our patrons, both students and teachers, continue to help us maintain the quality of our collection by giving us suggestions for titles to add to our holdings. Check our Resources section for important links.

    Books circulate for a period of two weeks.  As fines are assessed for overdue items, attention to due dates is important. Having the library staff renew items is always an option.

    Guidelines about rules and expectations for library usage, Internet Safety, study hall access are both published in the Parent/Student Handbook and displayed within the SHS library.
    As always, if you have questions about the library media center, you can call the school at 864-594-4410 ext. 2643 and ask for Susan Myers, Ashley Layne, or Derrick Means.



    We endeavor to develop in all students and staff the ability to access and use information independently in a variety of formats. The resulting skills support, enrich, and supplement classroom instruction; stimulate intellectual curiosity and creativity; support the acquisition of knowledge and understanding of the world; develop critical judgment and aesthetic appreciation; and, not least, celebrate reading.


Word Of The Week

  • Effervescent (ef-ur-VES-ent) - bubble; upbeat; cheerful.

    Sabrina was effervescent after she got the acceptance letter from the college she applied to.