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Bring It On!

Kids with computers and e-learning info

If it Snows and We Close - We're Cool to Keep Learning!

District 7 schools are participating in a statewide pilot program this year to promote the potential for eLearning. An eLearning school day means that our children will complete already downloaded assignments on their Macbooks, if inclimate weather keeps them at home. It also means, students and teachers will not be required to make up a misssed school day later in the year. 

According to Dr. Eric Levitt, the District's Assistant Superintendent for Planning and Innovation, there's no need for internet to support the eLearning program as children will have their lessons already downloaded on their computers, and in grades K-3 will bring home an activity folder of work to be completed. "What's great about this," said Levitt, "is that we don't lose instruction momentum and neither will we have to make up a day at the end of the year." 

Thanks to the early warnings of snow and ice in the coming days, Levitt says teachers have had plenty of time to prepare and students are ready as well.

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eLearning in a nutshell: 

  • Students and teachers will not be required to make up a missed school day later in the year.
  • Children in grades 4-12 will bring downloaded assignments home on their MacBook, so access to Wi-Fi or internet is not needed for work to be completed.
  • Children in grades K-3 will bring assignments home in an activity folder.