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Hats Off to Our Support Staff Members of the Year!

Support Staff of the Year 2019 We are so proud to have this group of professionals representing the District 7's support team. In addition to being role models, they all are incredibly loyal to our district and to their schools. The positive impact they make on the lives of their colleagues and students reflect the spirit of our mission - to inspire and equip.

Congratulations to the following honorees: Barbara Waters, the Early Learning Center; Maria Barry, Jesse Boyd Elementary; Michael Drummond, Drayton Mills Elementary; Horace Wilson, Cleveland Academy of Leadership; Robbin Argentine, Mary H Wright Elementary; Ashley Millinor, Pine Street Elementary; Johnnie Jones, E.P. Todd School; Linda Hurst, Carver Middle; Jenny Garrity, McCracken Middle; John Evans, Spartanburg High; Gerald Clowney and Todd Harding, Whitlock Flexible Learning Center; Kim Allen, George McCarroll and Leidy Sanchez, the McCarthy Teszler School; Rusty Humphries, Jr., DSOC; Barrett Burns, Carolyn Littlejohn and Christian Marshall, Transportation Office; and Kate Leonard, District Administrative Office.