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It's Time to ENROLL All New and Returning Students

District 7 schools are now accepting 3K and 4K applications and NEW 5K-12th grade student enrollment forms for the 2024-2025 school year. Parents will find the enrollment forms on our website (elementary schools will also have some in their main offices). The completed form along with the required documentation must be taken to the school that the new student is zoned to attend to begin the enrollment process. Note that our CURRENT 4K students will wait until returning student enrollment opens after Spring Break, as they do not need to go through the new student registration process.

Get NEW 3K, 4K, and 5K Enrollment Info Here

Get NEW 1st-12th Grade Enrollment Info Here

Current student enrollment for 2024-2025 will begin after Spring Break. Parents/guardians will receive an email prompting them to complete this process online. All families must provide verification of their current residence each year so we know our schools are serving students who live within their attendance area. Schools will communicate about when and how to provide this verification closer to the end of this school year.

NEW THIS YEAR: D7 is now using “FinalForms” to facilitate our online enrollment process. FinalForms will integrate with our PowerSchool system. We are excited about the level of service and convenience FinalForms provides and we anticipate a simpler and smoother process for everyone. “Snapcodes” are a thing of the past – now families will receive an email from FinalForms with a link to complete their enrollment process, and they will log into FinalForms using their email address.

All D7 schools will require current proof of residence for each school year. Schools will communicate directly with parents of enrolled students about drop-off periods at the end of this school year and before the beginning of the new school year.