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Welcome New Dalmatians!

We are excited to welcome a number of new Dalmatian faculty & staff for the 2021-2022 school year! Please join us in welcoming:

  • Nurse Alyson Brown who will join us fro the ELC to work woth Nurse Jon.
  • Our TWO 4K teams: Amy Harris & Shanell Route and Brent Hawkins & Cassandra Brewton.
  • Vienna Patterson will come from the ELC to work with Mrs. Miller in kindergarten.
  • Christina McRoberts will move from 3rd grade and join to 1st grade team.
  • Joining our 2nd grade team are Alanna Bastin and Lashunda Young.
  • Abby Elliott and Marlene Stephens are joining our 3rd grade team.
  • 5th will be joined by Cam McKennedy.
  • Stacy Camp will be our new Reading Interventionist, and Holly Hanna will move from 1st grade to be our Reading Coach.
  • Felicia Linder will be our new Parent Involvement Facilitator, and Cierra Hollis will take her place in Mrs. Waddell's classroom.
  • Yolanda Moran comes to us from the ELC as an additional ESOL aide.
  • Ellen Gould returns as our French teacher, as does Hillary Jernigan for Spaish!


Welcome to all of these new Dalamatians!