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Colleen Gilmore is Our Support Staff Member of the Year

During the middle of a pandemic, and the beginning of a new school year, who do you go to with all the questions? Let us answer this question for you, the NURSE!!  Nurse Gilmore was unanimously selected as our Support Staff Member of the Year. Without one doubt, she has had more on her plate this year than any other during her entire career. Mrs. Gilmore started her career as a school nurse in 2019. Each day she is here early in the morning and stays late into the evening with all the additional paperwork this year has created. She tirelessly serves others and has the patience of a saint while ensuring each student, teacher, and staff member has exactly what they need. This year posed a challenge to even a veteran nurse; Nurse Gilmore has embraced the challenge head-on and put others before herself. As a school, we appreciate Nurse Gilmore and her dedication to our health, safety, and overall well-being in a way words cannot describePlease help us congratulate her on being selected as Pine Street School’s Support Staff Member of the Year for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.