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Veteran Administrator Honored for His Heart for the Arts

Al and Anne Jeter

Dr. Al Jeter with his wife Anne Chapman Jeter at the Chapman Cultural Center

Chapman Cultural Center Sings the Praises of Dr. Al Jeter

If you’ve been in District 7 for any length of time, you know the name Al Jeter is synonymous with song! The 45 year-veteran educator is a vocal cheerleader and champion of the Spartanburg art scene and a talented contributor, as well! On Thursday, October 25, in recognition of Dr. Jeter’s tenacious commitment to arts in education the Chapman Cultural Center paid tribute to Dr. Jeter at a special ceremony honoring cultural champions. Surrounded by family and friends, Jeter was lauded as a leading force for the District’s rich history of instruction in band, orchestra, dance, theatre, fine arts and music. “As a teacher, a Principal and a revered administrator," said Ava Hughes of the Chapman Cultural Center, "Dr. Al Jeter has spent his career making sure that all of our children have access to the arts and opportunities to embrace the magic, the beauty and the joy of the arts." Take a bow Al Jeter - this is such a well-deserved award.