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Free Wi-Fi Access in Spartanburg

Wi-Fi is Rolling Your Way!
District 7's Wi-Fi on Wheels Program

WiFi on Wheels Seven District 7 school buses have been equipped with Wi-Fi access in order to provide more support for students who do not have home internet service. Beginning Monday, April 6, we will deploy these buses each Monday and Thursday to a number of housing developments and communities. Students will be able to download any needed material during a two-hour window when the bus is in their area. Wi-Fi can be accessed within 150ft of each bus.The D7 Wi-Fi network is listed as SCDE + the 8 number bus number and the password will be displayed on the outside of each bus near the front door. 

Wi-Fi On Wheels Schedule: Every Monday and Thursday 

10:00 a.m. – Noon

Bus #47     Cleveland Chapel Baptist Church – 494 Oaktree Road 

Bus #7       Westminster Presbyterian Church – 680 Saxon Avenue 

Bus #53     Cedar Spring Baptist Church – 140 Cedar Place 

Bus #63     Draymont Ridge Apartments – Rent Office 3900 Tagggart Drive 

Bus #49     Arkwright First Baptist Church – Arkmain Street 

  school wifi bus  wifi on wheels bus Wi-Fi access is available in the following school parking lots:

  • Spartanburg High School (best accessibility) – Athletic parking lot (by stadium, arena and practice field), visitor parking lot in front of school, some connectivity in student and teacher parking lots
  • Carver Middle – front loop near the office and the teacher/visitor parking lot have some connectivity
  • Drayton Mills Elementary – front visitor parking lot on the right facing the school; student drop-off lane in front of playground, and cafeteria-side bus loop 
  • E.P. Todd School – parking area next to the portable and in the teacher parking lot 
  • David Houston Center – old bus loop 
  • Jesse Boyd Elementary – inside the gate near cafeteria 
  • McCracken Middle – staff parking lot

Families are welcome to park in any of the areas listed above to download eLearning assignments, to use the internet in order to complete work, or to upload completed assignments. This free Wi-Fi network is Spart7 guest and no password is needed. 

Free Home Internet Service from Charter Communications and AT&TCharter Communications has also offered free home internet service for 60 days. To enroll, call 1-844-488-839. More information is provided on the Charter Communications website.

To support school district' eLearning platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic, AT&T is providing two months of free internet service to families who participate in SNAP. Click Here To Learn More About AT&T's Home Internet Promotion 


Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Offered by Local Businesses

free wifi hotspots