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Vikings Power Up at Region 8 Strength Meet



Congratulations to our Vikings on their Region 8 Strength Meet performances and to Coach Caldwell!   

The varsity 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers qualified for the State Strength Meet on March 23rd

The 1st place JV qualified for the State Meet.


Varsity 1st Place:  Jardarian Williams-Smith, Corbin Bradley and Alexander James

Varsity 2nd Place: Marquese Henderson, Wesley Harper

Varsity 3rd Place: Jay Davenport, Deandre Miller, Jordan Harris and Chris Manning


The Palmetto Power Clean Championship results were: 

Varsity 1st Place: Marquese Henderson, Corbin Bradley and Chris Manning

Varsity 2nd Place: Jamare Benjamin and Alexander James

Varsity 3rd Place: Elijah Bryant