Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer Meets History Makers in Education

panel discussion participants  At the end of a great day at the 3rd Annual Equity in Education Conference sponsored by Dr. Gloria Boutte from the USC Center for the Education of African American Students, Dr. Carlotta Redish, Chief of Diversity & Inclusion Officer was honored to participate in the panel discussion "Recovering Untold Stories: An Enduring Legacy of the Brown v. Board of Education Decision" with (left to right) Nathaniel Briggs- son of Harry Briggs, Sr. and Eliza Briggs, Briggs v. Elliott (Manning, SC); Cheryl Brown Henderson - daughter of Brown v. Board of Education case namesake Oliver L. Brown (Topeka, KS); and Celestine Parsons Lloyd- daughter of Bennie and Plummer Parsons, child plaintiff, Briggs v. Elliott.

Two of the most important cases to ever be heard that shaped the history of the U.S. and equally as important, the combination of the Brown (nearly 300 plaintiffs in the 1954 Brown case) was vital to the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Redish stated, "Hearing them speak to the trials and heartaches their parents experienced (lost jobs, lost homes, isolation, poverty, etc) just to obtain equity and access to a basic right---education--was amazing! There are simply NO WORDS for me to even begin to describe how I felt as I sat and listened and talked with them."