D7 Announces School Choice Window Open

School Choice

School Choice Window Open 

In Spartanburg School District Seven, it’s our belief that students are most successful when they are involved in programs that interest and motivate them. Though our students are assigned to schools based on their residential address, they may apply to a school with a certain focus, a school with a unique program, or another school within the district. The different programs offer students unique opportunities to delve deeply into an area that interests them, where students and teachers with common talents and strengths work together. 

The window for parents to request school choice is currently open and will remain open through March 31, 2019.  Each D7 student received a letter regarding the opening of the School Choice window. If your child is currently attending the school of your choice, you do not have to complete a new application, unless you are making the transition to a middle school, other than the one you are zoned for. School choice information and applications are available here.

District schools or classes that are at capacity will not be open to choice, and while we cannot guarantee every request will be fulfilled, the district has been able to fulfill many requests in previous years.