School Choice

school choice

School Choice Application Window is Open 

Though our students are assigned to schools based on their residential address, they may apply to a school with a certain focus, a school with a unique program, or another school within the district.

Expanded choice offers parents and students residing in D7 the opportunity to request permission to attend a school other than their residentially assigned school. The different programs offer students unique opportunities to delve deeply into an area that interests them, where students and teachers with common talents and strengths work together. Each one of our schools emphasizes a specialized theme and innovative approach to learning.

To plan properly, the District has established specific procedures and deadlines for School Choice requests. If you wish to request to enroll your child in a school other than the one he/she attends, you must complete and apply for School Choice. Spartanburg School District 7 has opened its window for submitting an application for school choice for the 2020-21 school year. Additional school choice information and applications can be accessed on our website. The application window runs until February 29.