IGP Meetings


On behalf of the Guidance Department, this is a reminder to please make your annual IGP (Individual Graduation Plan) appointment for sometime between January 21st and March 6th, 2020, with your child’s counselor.  We want you to have your IGP meeting prior to March 9th, which is the beginning date for registering for next year’s courses.  


Piper Holmes, Ninth Grade, Students A - K  calendly.com/pmholmesfa

Anton Gist, Ninth Grade, Students L - Z  http://calendly.com/cagist

Meredith Biber, Grades 10 - 12, Students A- Dav  calendly.com/mlbiber

Terri Roberson, Grades 10 -12, Students Daw - Hi  https://calendly.com/tlroberson

Sarah Jumper, Grades 10 - 12, Students Ho- Mc calendly.com/sajumper

Matt Love, Grades 10 -12, Students Me - Sha  https://calendly.com/malove

Lauren Jones, Grades 10 - 12, Students She - Z  https://calendly.com/lhjones

Please call us at 594-4410 if you have any questions.    Thank you for your participation in this important endeavor!