8th Grade IGP Conferences

8th Grade IGP Conferences

It's time to schedule your 8th grade student’s Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conference. During this short discussion, you and your student will meet with their school counselor to review courses taken to ensure graduation requirements are being met and that your student’s college and career goals are on the same track as their academic coursework. This annual planning meeting begins in the 8th grade and is an important component of the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) of 2005. Due to COVID-19, all IGP conferences will be conducted virtually. Our hope is that MMS will have 100% parental participation and that you will find the IGP conference helpful and productive. 

Please use the links below to schedule a conference based on the first letter of your student's last name.

A - G: Meet with Mrs. Long

H - M: Meet with Ms. Jenkins

N - Z: Meet with Ms. Copeland