Dress Code Policy

Dress Code Policy


The Flex Center’s uniform policy is in place to promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment. 

The goal for our students to dress appropriately each day. 


  • Khaki or Light Tan Pants for all students 
  • Belts–Black, Brown or Tan; no slide belts
  • Pants must be worn at the waist. Pants must have belt loops and the belt worn at all times.

No large belt buckles or chains allowed on the pants. No skirts, jumpers, cargo pants, jeans, sweat pants, pajamas, pictures or messages on clothing. Short pants or oversized clothing will not be allowed.


  • High School – Black collared polo-style shirt, long or short sleeve
  • Middle School – Navy blue collared polo-style shirt, long or short sleeve

No pictures or messages are allowed on clothing.  Shirts must be tucked into pants. 

Coats are not allowed to be worn throughout the building.  Students will be required to put them in their assigned locker. 


Shoes/sneakers must fit securely on the foot.  Shoes with open toes or backless shoes (including crocs, boots, flip flops, sandals, mules and slides) are not allowed.  Shoes must be laced properly or buckled.